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Claire - February 2016

In 2015, Brigitte began meeting with my daughter, Abigail, once a week. Abby was new to French and taking classes at school, but she was frustrated with the slow pace of learning and lack of speaking and listening exercises being offered. Brigitte was the perfect solution! She supported Abby's learning at school but also used her own resources, textbooks, exercises, recording, conversations, and other media to accelerate learning, give her the 'more' she was looking for, and bring it all to life. Abby became confident under her guidance and fell in love with the language. Brigitte is ideal for children of all ages. She is kind and gentle in her approach, fun and understanding, and ever positive. This leads to the student being brave and free of self-consciousness. My daughter carries this with her now in her studies back at home in the U.S. and will maintain it her whole life. Good teachers teach. Great teachers inspire. 

Bridget - January 2016

I want to acknowledge the superior nature and style of Brigitte’s approach towards my education and recognize the significant impact which it had on my capacity to learn French.
Her ability to bring relevant and real topics of interest, plus entertainment to our lessons increased my engagement and kept me motivated when the “going got tough”.
I thoroughly enjoyed our time together and greatly appreciated her patience and tolerance of my errors. Thank you Brigitte for not just teaching me French but helping me embrace the French culture in an international environment.

Ramzi - June 2013

I have had the pleasure of working with Brigitte for the past 4 years, 2 hours a week every week. As a student, I undertook the IB Diploma taking French at a Higher Level, and Brigitte not only increased my confidence in French, but also increased the amount I enjoy the subject. She managed to creatively integrate her very profound knowledge of the language, with varied and interesting teaching methods – adaptable to every situation, to every student.

She is a very kind, hardworking and an always happy teacher. Brigitte has a gift for teaching. She clearly is overqualified, but nonetheless it is clear that truly loves what she does, and she does a fantastic job.

With her dedication, her enthusiasm and her cheerfulness, she is an ideal teacher. Thank you for everything Brigitte

Janet - May 2013

I began taking French lessons with Brigitte shortly after my arrival in Geneva in May 2012. She was recommended to me by my colleagues, many of whom had been taking lessons with her for several years.

I found Brigitte to be a wonderful teacher, always willing to find teaching material focused on topics that were of interest to me while also staying focused on important grammar and vocabulary lessons. She was also punctual, flexible and patient.

I can recommend her without hesitation for any French language teaching activity.

William  - May 2013

Brigitte is focused, highly professional and has useful materials and teaching aids. She has an unfailingly positive attitude and supportive approach and is able to make each student appreciate the progress that is being made. She also capably ensures that a student makes steady improvement without overwhelming them. Classes are always varied and interesting, and she appropriately balances grammar comprehension with practical use and practice. I can recommend Brigitte without hesitation, and I sincerely hope you will favorably consider her. 

Kirsteen - March 2011

I found Brigitte to be a very talented, personable and understanding teacher. She is extremely adept at listening to what you want, what you are trying to achieve, and tailoring your lessons accordingly. Being the mother of three young children, I had very limited time in which I could focus on learning French. In the little time I did have available, Brigitte helped me to go from understanding virtually nothing that was said to me to being able to confidently engage in French conversation. I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Une maman et sa fille - Juillet 2010

Chère Brigitte, grâce à ta patience et à tes talents de pédagogue, ma fille a fait d'énormes progrès en français tout en enrichissant son vocabulaire. Merci pour ta précieuse collaboration.

Andrew - November 2008

I find Brigitte a thorough and helpful French teacher. She is flexible around my work committments and is able to explain things in a way I am able to easily remember and apply. I have recommended her to my colleagues.

Starr - November 2008

An excellent French teacher! Brigitte is a patient teacher with an ability to build confidence and encourage me to use the French I have learnt. Her methods and high standards ensure you will be in good hands. She is a font of knowlege in the practicalities of living in Geneva and surroundings and I have found it enormously helpful to have such an approachable person to ask for help on anything and everything. My four year old adores his French lessons with Brigitte, and she is able to engage with him no matter what type of day he is having. Our only regret is we didn't find her the day we arrived!

Dean - October 2008

I have taken lessons from Brigitte to learn French for over one year. Learning a new language was a big challenge for me as I come
from an English speaking country and had never learnt a foreign language before. Brigitte was a fantastic teacher for me and she was able to plan/tailor the lessons around my level and made me feel very comfortable with my limited skills. The lessons were very enjoyable, fun and I'm sure if it wasn't for Brigittes brilliant and enthusiastic personality I would not have continued to learn French. My other Colleagues at work all think Brigitte is great and my French friends think she is very well educated and intelligent person. I personally could not have hoped for a better teacher and if you are looking for someone to learn French in a group or individual basis Brigitte is your gold star choice.

Heather - June 2008

Brigitte is a fun, student centred, warm, flexible, confidence building, kind, French teacher. She will see you at your home/office. Her aim is to make learning French enjoyable and she certainly achieves this. My lessons have been practical, stimulating and relevant - she came with me to the Mairie to enable me to get my French driving License, and has helped me to make several challenging phone calls. She always comes with a lesson plan and is always willing to change it at a moments notice if I am wanting to learn something else that day. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

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